Marching Home: To War and Back with the Men of One American Town. CLEARANCE SALE. By Kevin Coyne. 2004. ISBN 0670871508.


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by Kevin Coyne.

416 pages, 2004, Viking Press.

ISBN 0670871508.

Of the sixteen million Americans who served in the armed forces during World War II, not quite a thousand were from Freehold, New Jersey, a bustling courthouse town home to a diverse populace that reflected the varied faces and aspirations of the nation. Award-winning author Kevin Coyne’s chronicle follows six young men from Freehold through the war and back home again, to a town and a nation on the brink of changes larger than any of them could have imagined. Their story is the story of millions of other veterans, thousands of other towns, and it is the great epic of the last century, the story of what America was then, in its hardest hours, and how it became what it is now.

Subjects: Biographies, Clearance, United States, New Jersey, Military, World War II.

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