Flags of our Fathers James Bradley Bantam Books, paperback, 2006. ISBN 978-0440229209; 224 pp.


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Flags of our Fathers.

James Bradley.

Bantam Books, paperback, 2006.

ISBN 978-0440229209.

224 pp.

A powerful account of six very different men–three of which were killed in battle– who came together in the heroic fight for the Pacific’s most crucial island. It is the story of the difference between truth and myth, the legacy of a hero, and the brutal cost of war. This is a penetrating, epic look at a generation at war, told with keen insight and enormous honesty. In February 1945, American Marines plunged into the surf at Iwo Jima—and into history. Through a hail of machine-gun and mortar fire, they battled to the island’s highest peak. And there, they raised a flag, signaling a historic step towards the eventual defeat of the Axis powers of World War II.

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