We Americans: Celebrating a Nation, Its People, and Its Past. CLEARANCE SALE. By Thomas B. Allen (Editor), Charles O. Hyman (Editor). Hardcover. 3rd edition (November 15, 1999).


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by Thomas B. Allen (Editor), Charles O. Hyman (Editor).

Hardcover: 336 pages, 9×12.

Publisher: National Geographic; 3rd edition (November 15, 1999).

ISBN-10: 0792270053.

ISBN-13: 978-0792270058.

Editorial Reviews.

From Booklist.

Patriotism presides over this gallery of historical images. National Geo enlisted eminent historians and writers (including David Herbert Donald and William Least Heat-Moon) to give context to the pictures. The book, built to browse, presents numerous iconic images, such as Missouri painter George Caleb Bingham’s The County Election (1851). All of the images express the malleable concept of Americanism. Rockwellian photographs of family (e.g., pioneers and the Amish) begin the volume. The ensuing imagery unfolds eclectically, depicting George Washington’s false teeth, early Coca-Cola ads, or Vietnam-era POW/MIA bracelets. One essayist, the director of the Smithsonian’s Museum of American History, explains that the unifying concept was to present history by linking tangible relics to major historic events. Indeed, when viewers turn to the text, they find discussions of the Revolution, the Civil War, the Depression, and World War II as well as cultural revolutions wrought by the film industry, the civil rights movement, television, and interstate highways. A colorful basketful of items for the recreational historian. Gilbert Taylor

Subjects: Clearance, United States.

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