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Duce! A Biography of Benito Mussolini. CLEARANCE SALE! By Richard Collier. Hardcover. Publisher: Viking (November 22, 1971). Language: English.


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Duce! A Biography of Benito Mussolini by Richard Collier Hardcover: 447 pages Publisher: Viking (November 22, 1971) Language: English ISBN-10: 0670286036 ISBN-13: 978-0670286034 The account of the rise and fall of Benito Mussolini, founder of the Fascist Party. The author interviewed many people who could shed first-hand light on every facet of the Duce’s life. Mussolini was a highly complex character, an apparent extrovert with a lifelong inferiority complex, a man driven by forces he could neither comprehend nor control.

Subjects: Clearance, Military, World War II, Europe, Italy, Biographies.

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